Museums and Cultural Centers


Museum/Cultural Centers Security

At Landmark, we understand good security in a museum is minimally intrusive but must also be maximally effective.

Museum security is a kind of art form unto itself. Typical security officers and their supervisors must master a broader range of security skills than security people in less specialized environments. Due to the "soft" environment of a museum, the need for officers with better public relations skills is a must.

Museums have a unique set of characteristics that make security and safety requirements different from other buildings. They must simultaneously accomplish two things: on the one hand, they must safeguard precious objects and protect patrons; on the other hand, they must remain open to the public and be designed in a welcoming way that lets visitors feel relaxed and focus entirely on the museum experience. Traditional "defense-in-depth" security is knowingly combined with a more innovative approach due to the need to allow patrons to come near valuable assets.

With the above in mind, Landmark has taken steps to ensure we go above and beyond the basics and have sought out specialized training to become the leader in Museum Security Services.  Landmark Protective Services is the ONLY security provider in Texas and the DFW area that is partnered with the International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection (IFCPP).  IFCPP is the world's only organization dedicated full time to the protection of cultural facilities and public institutions. 

We pride ourselves that all senior management at Landmark have obtained the internationally renowned Certified Institutional Protection Manager (CIPM) certification and all officers assigned to our Museum/Cultural Center's clients have obtained their Certified Institutional Protection Specialist (CIPS) certification.